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  • Gdynia InfoBox itself is a place of interest due to its remarkable architecture and also as a source of information on new projects in town provided through interesting and fascinating multimedia presentations. Gdynia InfoBox is a place where both the local community and tourists can have a good time in a coffee place with a terrace, or rest on a bench in the shade of the trees.

    Other Infoboxes Infoboxes, that is facilities providing information on future projects, have recently become quite popular. The idea of Infoboxes appear [...]
  • Cable car connects Grunwaldzki square with the peak of Kamienna Góra (Stone Mountain). Wagon can take 12 passengers at once. The difference in level is approx. 40 m, length of traction is 96 m, travel time is about 2 minutes. The cable car does not have intermediate stations and stops at the top near the cross and the observation deck.

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  • The extensive area offered by the Nauta Shiprepair Yard is located within the administrative limits of the Śródmieście District – the cultural and business centre of Gdynia, in direct vicinity to Sea Towers, one of the most recognisable residential buildings in Poland.

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  • PSTP is a place for every innovator – the youth, start-ups, experienced entrepreneurs, designers and engineers. PSTP offers not only modern office and laboratory space, but above all, specialist pro-innovative services. It is an ideal place to implement innovative ideas based around science and complex technologies.

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CultureBox is the address of Gdynia culture, at the crossroads of Świętojańska Street and 10 Lutego Street. That is: - an integral part of InfoBox, acclaimed as a global investment trend, located in the city center, in Żeromski Square, that is [...]